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Win Your Dream Car from Winstakes

Win Your Dream Car

Our $88,888 Dream Car Sweepstakes Giveaway certainly is among our largest prizes that we're sure you’d love to win. After all, who wouldn’t want the car of their dreams to cruise around town or wherever the road takes you? Can you picture yourself gliding down the highway with the top down blasting your favorite tunes like a rock star? Whether you can see yourself in a brand-new Tesla, gliding along without a care in the world; a new Lamborghini or Maserati to show off your Italian style; a sporty European model like a BMW 8 Series, or an all-American sports car like a new Corvette so you can cruise past some of those local car shows and show ‘em there’s a new kid in town, you’ll certainly be living the finer side of life behind the wheel of your brand-new dream car – whichever model it would be!


Entry Frequency: Daily Entry Sweepstakes

Sweeps Restrictions: US, 18+

Enter the Win Your Dream Car

Sweepstakes Expiration: 4/20/22

Sweepstakes Filed Under: Car & Truck Sweepstakes. Cash Sweepstakes

Sweepstakes Tip: Use One Special Sweepstakes Email Address
Ideally you should use one email address for your sweepstakes entries. Using one primary email address will help you sort spam and scams and also make sure that you don’t miss a potential winning entry. As we mentioned in another sweepstakes tip about the Winloot Sweepstakes $100,000 Winner Patrick Acker, one needs to be reachable to claim a sweepstakes win. Utilizing one sweepstakes email will make it easier to make sure a winning reply does not get lost in junk, go to a seldom checked email or an old email address no longer in service.

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