Polaris Slingshot Giveaway

Enter the Polaris’ Slingshot Giveaway and you can get the chance to win your own three-wheeled vehicle. Win and you get a 2019 Slingshot S.

Entry Frequency: Once Single Entry Sweepstakes

Restrictions:  US, CA 18+

Sweepstakes File: Car & Truck Sweepstakes


Enter to Win the Polaris' Slingshot Giveaway

Sweepstakes Expiration:[acf field=”sweepstakes_expiration” post_id=”2711″]

Sweepstakes Tip: Define a Sweepstakes Entering Time Slot in Your Day
Define a Sweepstakes Entering Time Slot in Your Day. Sweepstakes can be over whelming. There are 1000s of sweepstakes on the Internet. Its important to set aside some time and enter the ones you like. The more sweepstakes you enter and the more times you enter, generally, the greater your chances of winning something. Carve out some time each day or week to do your sweepstakes entering and perhaps browsing for new sweepstakes opportunities.

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